Coming Soon!

As a member of Recycled Record Club you will receive a curated box of second hand vinyl recordings every month. Our goal is to share our love of vinyl recordings of all types. We don’t offer genre selection. We don’t ask you to set up a profile. We don’t clean every record before we send it out to you. And we don’t care if you like every record you receive or not. That’s not the point. The point is to provide you with an ongoing stream of audio stimulation that you won’t find anywhere else.

We enjoy the weird little treasures that can be found by digging through a record shop closeout bin. We also enjoy listening to classic albums on vinyl. So, that’s what we will be sending you; a random selection of recordings that we hope you have never heard before. And every once in a while – something that you are already familiar with, but are hearing on vinyl for the first time.

We offer several subscription options as well as a selection of accessories for purchase alongside your subscription.

Stay tuned. We think you’ll dig it.


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